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Col. Robert D. Heinl Memorial Award, Marine Corps Historical Foundation, 1998, for best article on Marine Corps history published in 1997. ("Crucial Battle Ignored", Marine Corps Gazette, September 1997)

Rear Admiral Ernest M. Eller Prize in Naval History, 2002 (for "Operation Dovetail: Bungled Guadalcanal Rehearsal, July 1942", The Journal of Military History, April 2002)

Arthur Goodzeit Book Award by the New York Military Affairs Symposium for best book on military history published in 2003, (December 8, 1941: MacArthur's Pearl Harbor, published by Texas A&M University Press in 2003)

Professional Memberships

Editorial Advisory and Review Board, World War II Quarterly. Pacific War Study Group (Carlsbad, California) - www.wwii_Quarterly.org

Society for Military History - www.smh-hq.org

The Army Historical Foundation - www.armyhistory.org

Air Force Historical Foundation - www.afhistoricalfoundation.org

Marine Corps Heritage Foundation - www.marineheritage.org

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