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“Journey into the Past: Searching for War Remains in the Gilbert and Ellice Islands", South Pacific Bulletin, Second Quarter 1975, pp. 8-15. (Details the author's searches for World War II relics on Tuvalu [former Ellice Islands] and Kiribati [Former Gilbert Islands]).

“Outcasts of the Islands”, Airpower (Granada Hills, CA), May 1977, pp. 50-57.  (Describes author’s search for remains of Pacific War aircraft in the 1970s, with photos of his finds).

“Operation Galvanic”, After the Battle, No. 15, 1977, pp. 1-33. (Describes author’s explorations in Kiribati (former Gilbert Islands) and Tuvalu (former Ellice Islands) in looking for war remains in 1974, presented in a “then and now” format of photos)

“Wreck Discovery – the Wartime Solomons", After the Battle, No. 18, 1978, pp. 15-22.  (The author’s explorations in the Solomon Islands in 1975 for war remains, with photos in a “then and now” format).

“Corregidor of Eternal Memory”, After the Battle, No. 23, 1979, pp. 2-29.  (Author’s trip to Corregidor in 1977, with “then and now” photos of remains). 

“Maloelap: Japanese Naval Bastion on World War II”, Glimpses of Micronesia (Guam), Vol. 25, No. 3, 1985, pp. 48-52.  (Author’s exploration of remains of  Japanese fortifications and aircraft in 1984 on this outer atoll of the Marshalls, photographed in color)

“Unknown Maloelap”, After the Battle (London), No. 54, 1986, pp. 28-41. (Return trip in 1986 by the author to Maloelap for a more extensive investigation of war remains and comparison with 1943-44 conditions, illustrated in a “then and now” format).

Was MacArthur Ill-Served by his Air Force Commanders in the Philippines?, Air Power History, Summer 1997, pp. 44-63. (A defense of  U.S Army Air Forces commanders during the 1941- 42 Philippines campaign). 

“Crucial Battle Ignored”, Marine Corps Gazette, September 1997, pp. 82-90. (Detailed reconstruction of an important, yet unknown, component of The Battle of Edson’s Ridge in mid-September 1942, including from the Japanese side. Article was recipient of the Robert D. Heinl Award for best article on Marine Corps history in 1997).
Marine Corps Gazette September 1997 (PDF)

“Operation Dovetail: Bungled Guadalcanal Rehearsal, July 1942”, The Journal of Military History, April 2002, pp. 443-76. [Reprinted in Jeremy Black (ed.), The Japanese War 1941-1945 (Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate, 2007, Chapter 7, pp. 183-216]. (First published account of the rehearsal, based on the experiences of the participants. Recipient of the Eller Prize in Naval History, 2002).

“The Other Pearl Harbor”, Historically Speaking (The Bulletin of theHistorical Society), November 2003, pp. 32-33. (Synopsis of the author’s book, December 8, 1941: MacArthur’s Pearl Harbor).

“I Wonder at Times How We Keep Going Here: The 1941-42 Philippines Diary of Lt. John Burns, 21st Pursuit Squadron”, Air Power History, Vol. 53, No. 4, Winter 2006, pp. 28-47. (Long-lost diary of an American pursuit pilot in the defense of the Philippines, as annotated by the author).

“What Went Wrong at Koro?”, Naval History (Annapolis, MD), August 2009, pp. 58-64. (Abbreviated, popular version of the Journal of Military History article).

“Victory Fever at the Tenaru", World War II, November/December 2014, pp. 60-67. (Synopsis of the author's book, Victory Fever on Guadalcanal)


“Koro”. Copyright 2004. Based on the true story of three Marines inadvertently left behind on the island of Koro, Fiji, following July 1942 rehearsals on the north coast of Koro for the Guadalcanal landing of August 7, 1942.

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